Our teacher

Was born at the end of the year 1955 in Santiago do Cacém, from where she left with six months of age to go live in Lisbon.

She was still a child when she moved to the county of Almada. After a few years she went to live in the county of Seixal, where she now lives.

She graduated in Business Management, in which she developed her professional activity until 2011.

From a very early age, she studied English, having, together with her academic and professional activities, attended several courses in English. It was also English, the language that most spoke and wrote throughout her professional career.

When she ceased her professional activity, she decided to volunteer, and then she had the opportunity to do it at Unisseixal, helping many people who need to improve their English.

At Unisseixal, and with great pleasure, she shares her knowledge of English since the school year 2011/2012, and she is also, with equal pleasure, a student in the disciplines of Polyphonic Choir and Musical Initiation.

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