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In time to return to activities and daily routines, it is important, in addition to other concerns to take cares of our health.
Without news that there is already a safe solution to the pandemic we are experiencing, it is necessary to take the protective measures recommended by health authorities,
namely those related to losses in our relationships.
Therefore, I suggest for debate some notes regarding objects and procedures to be taken into account, not only to safer and more effective individual protection, but also to void
possible contagions to other people with whom we contact; so, we must take into account:
- As for personal effects: Disposable gloves, mask / visors and occasionally boots, cap, gown overall.
- Regarding preventive procedures and measures: Hygiene of hands, objects, surfaces and other places of contact, ventilation ant ventilation of spaces and the necessary social distance recommended for the activity that is being carried out.
All the care and caution is certainly not too much because, as the popular saying goes, “insurance died of old age”.
Good health for all and a lot of Joy, Peace and Goodwill.

Vitor Vitorino
11 / September / 2020

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