Work of Alda

 Composition of Alda

My name is Alda. I’m a student at senior University of Seixal. its name is Unisseixal.
This year Unisseixal celebrate 13 years of life and has over 800 students.
At this University the teachers are not paid, which in my opinion, gives them a lot of value as human beings, because they use this time to benefit others.
In this University there are many disciplines.
Unisseixal has a tuna, a polyphonic choir, dances, theatre, painting, and many other activities.
Unisseixal is a place where you learn, live and make friends.
At Christmas there is a shared lunch and theatre, dances and songs.
At the end of the school year, there are performances of various subjects, such as English, and at night, there is a dinner where students and teachers fraternize.

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