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Traveling through Poland

The first Polish state was created in 966, with a territory very similar to that of modern Poland. It became a kingdom in 1025 and in 1569 strengthened a long association with the Grand Duchy of Lithuania to create the Polish-Lithuanian Community. This association collapsed in 1795. Poland regained its independence in 1918 after first World War, but lost it again during second World War when was occupied by Nazi and Soviet troops. With the end of the conflict, it emerged as a communist country, part of the bloc under the control of the formed Soviet Union. In 1989, the communist government was overthrown and Poland inaugurated the phase informally known as the “Third Polish Republic”. Currently, Poland is a liberal democracy, a member of the European Union, NATO, OECD and WTO.

Warsaw, capital of Poland, the eighth sister[1], known by the Palace of Culture and Science, Park Lazienkowski with a monument to Chopin, Royal Street and yours monuments, and a panoramic tour to the city.

Gdansk, it’s an important city where boats were built (shipyard) and where union Solidariedade was created, and the polish revolution started. We visited Golden Door, this door gives access  to a Long Market, Neptune Source, Church of Saint Mary, and a panoramic visit to the city. Sopot, it’s a famous seaside on the Baltic coast. Malbork, It’s a beautiful and well conserved castle of Teutonics Knights, in the Europe. This castle integrate a UNESCO list monuments.Torun, is the city where was born the famous astronomer Nicolau Copérnico and is an important historic city.

Breslavia, with a beautiful Rynek Place, and a town hall complex. Auschwitz, is a sadly memory o a concentration camp, the complex of the camp has forty subfields, Auschwitz wasn’t the main field, it’s the best camp regarding the conservation. In the years 1940-1945 the nazis deported at least 1.300.000 people to Auschwitz. 1.100.000 of those people died in Auschwitz. Approximately 90% of the victims were jews; the SS murdered the majority of them in the gas chambers. Wadowice, is the city where was born pope João Paulo II, he lived in the house next to the church,  it’s a nice little town. In the place in front of the church there is  a statue of pope João Paulo II, in the flour there are boards with the cities and dates he visited.

Kharkov, is the old capital of Poland, It has some import monuments like, the Mont Wawel with its castle and cathedral, the place of market, one of  the largest in Europe with the beautiful Sant Mary Church, the town hall tower and the cloth market, where amber is sold and other handicraft.

Mines Salt Wieliczka,  declared by UNESCO world heritage site in 1978, the mines were visited  first time in the century XV, the mines are known as Poland´s underground salt cathedral, have a depth of 327 meters and a length of over 300 kilometres of galleries, along which there are chambers and chapels with beautiful carved figures illustrating the history of the salt mining. The visitors see a little part of the mines,  about 3,5 kilometres and descend about 170 meters.

Czestochova, is the religious capital of Poland, has one of the most important shrines of Marian devotion in the world, “Jasna Gora”,  where is the famous painting of the “Black Virgin”, patron saint of Poland, to whom are attributed numerous miracles.

Curiosity:    Poland has one of the best beers in the world.                                                        The Poles say were they who created the vodka, not the Russians.

[1] As a forme too demonstrated a big friendship the people Russian too as people Polish, Stalin offered to Polish people a similar building to the seven buildings who he  order to  building in at Moscow’s city in the years from 1947 to 1953. The style is stalinist Russian, one mixture the style Baroque and gothic style,  also known as an architectural style of socialist. This building erected in 1955, it’s an interests building who exist in Warsaw, we have a 360 degrees view of the city.




























































































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