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Hospital Walls

Hospital walls heard prayers more honest than churches. They saw farewell and kisses more sincere than airports. It is at the hospital that you see a homophobic patient being saved by a gay doctor. Doctor Patricinha (very wealthy) saved the life of a beggar.

At the hospital's health unit, you see a Jewish doctor taking care of an Islamic racist; a policeman and a prisoner in the same wing, receiving the same care. The rich patient, in the line of liver transplants, ready to receive an organ from a poor donor.

The Absolute Truth of the people only appears, most of the time, in the moment of pain, of the real threat or of the definitive loss.

This life is going by fast: don't fight with people; Don't complain too much about your body; Don't complain too much; Don't lose sleep due to your bills; Don't stop kissing the one you love.

Don't worry so much about making your home or office spotless.

Goods and other goods must be earned honestly by each one, but do not stubbornly commit to accumulating inheritance, to keep dogs and other pets closer; Do not persist in keeping the trophies won; Use the new cutlery; Don't save your favorite perfume; use it for walking, even without company. Wear your favorite shoes and clothes. AND? (why not?) Why not be now? Why not call the ones you love now? Why not forgive now; Why not do what you are supposed to do, NOW?

Long awaited for Christmas, for the weekend, for the end of the year, for when you have money, for when love comes, for when everything is perfect.

There is no "Everything Perfect". The Human Being cannot reach this state because it was simply not to be completed here.

HERE, it's just a learning opportunity.

To live! Learn! Have fun and, ... LOVE!

Vitor Vitorino

English class II

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