International Women´s Day

International Women´s Day

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International Women´s Day is celebrated on the 8th of March.

With the 8th of March are associated two historical facts, that gave rise to the celebration.

The first was a demonstration of women textile workers, held in New York on 8th March, 1857,

Later, in 1917, also on March 8th, the date was celebrated with various manifestations of Russian women workers demanding better living and working conditions, even against the Russian tsarist entry in the First World War, and were brutally repressed by the authorities.

The idea of creating the Women’s Day, came about in the early years of the twentieth century in the United States and in Europe, inside of the context of women’s struggles for better conditions of dignity, life and right to vote.

In honor of all women, I transcribe an extract from an ancient poem, to them devoted:

Blessed the Woman that takes care of her own profile, interior and exterior, because the harmony of person makes noble the human coexistence.”

Blessed that Woman that next to the Man, exercise an irreplaceable responsibility in the Family, in the Society, in the History and in the Universe.”

Written by Vítor Vitorino

March - 2016

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